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? Available as an ISA or unit trust or both.
Ongoing Charge
? The charges you pay over a year that relate to the costs of running the fund.
? An indicator of the fund's income as a percentage of its value.
Historic yield/Distribution yield
? Historic: Reflects the income payments after tax, declared over the past 12 months.
Distribution: An estimate of income (before tax and after charges), that the fund could pay you over the next 12 months, assuming the investments that make up the fund stay the same.
Launch date
Fund size
Number of holdings

Please remember the value of an investment and any income from it may fall as well as rise and is not guaranteed. Although there is no fixed term, you should consider an ISA or unit trust investment to be medium to long term, ideally five years or more.
Each fund has its own individual risks which are detailed in the Key Investor Information document(s).

Annual Fund Performance to last Quarter (%)

The chart shows the cumulative performance of the fund over five years. It takes into account the ongoing charge, and assumes any income after tax is reinvested. If any fund has less than five years' performance, the chart will only show performance since the launch of that fund.

The table shows the performance for 12-month periods over the last five years, to the end of the last quarter.

If any fund has less than one year's performance, the chart and table will be blank for that fund.

Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

Performance data source: Lipper

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